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Now you can compare over 100 mortgage programs like HARP 2.0, VA refinance loans and FHA streamlines with refinancing lenders ready to help homeowners get lower rates to avoid foreclosure. The traditional FHA refinancing is available to 96.5%, but the FHA short refinance enables borrowers to refinance above 100% with a principal reduction as well.

VA refinancing is the only 100% refinance loan left. You need to work with lenders that give their borrowers a one hundred percent effort by providing high LTV refinancing with 100% LTV mortgages and home equity loans for when you need to borrow up to the value of your home for cash out and debt consolidation options. The "100 mortgage" sponsored by Freddie Mac has now been upgraded by the Obama Administration and now there is no loan to value limitations refinancing for qualified borrowers.

A few lenders and brokers are still offering underwater refinance option but only for a select group of homeowners. The HARP refinance has lifted the loan to value calculation from their qualification list of requirements. Compare no equity refinancing quotes now while rates have fallen to the lowest point in decades.

Get More Info on 100% Refinance Loan That Do Not Require Equity


Having Trouble Qualifying for a Fixed Refinance Mortgage? BD Nationwide posts info all the time about 100% LTV mortgage solutions for all types of borrowers. Our lenders compare over 100 refinance programs nationally in an effort to maximize the best rates to meet your financing needs.

There is no need to get behind on your monthly payments if you qualify for mortgage refinancing. In most cases, the modification process will hinder a borrower's credit score long-term. You should verify with several credible mortgage refinancing lenders that you do not qualify for a traditional loan before seeking relief with a modification.

Do not pay up-front fees for modification services and consult with an attorney if you are seriously considering foreclosure prevention services.

When Is the Best Time to Refinance?

Timing the market right is difficult but if the current rates on refinancing have fallen to a record low then you really can't go wrong locking into a fixed rate mortgage refinance. Of course, Loan to Value (LTV), debt to income ratio (DTI) and credit scores are considered when an underwriter reviews applications.

How to Refinance a Mortgage

1. Get Organized: Start by gathering your existing loan statements
(note, mortgage statement, etc.)

2. Secure Copies of Your Current Income Documentation: Get your financial info ready
(ie. Pay-stubs, W2s and tax returns)

3. Do Your Homework: It is prudent to shop Mortgage Refinancing Lenders and compare multiple offers from competitive loan companies online.

Find Companies that Specialize in 100% Refinance Mortgages for All Types of Borrowers

Government Sponsored Refinancing: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae just announce that the 3.0 HARP mortgage refinance can exceed 100%. There is no longer any loan to value restrictions with the Home Affordable Refinance Program that has also been endorsed by the President and the Congress. Most people would agree that 100% refinance loans are great, but with the HARP 3.0, you can go to 200%, 300% or beyond because there is no longer any loan to value requirement. The HARP refinance will not last forever as the program is set to expire at the end of 2018 unless Congress passes a bill to extend this opportunity beyond.

Having Trouble Qualifying for a Fixed Refinance or Loan Modifications?BD Nationwide offers info in regard to 100% LTV mortgage refinancing solutions for all types of borrowers. Our lenders compare over 100 refinancing programs nationally in an effort to maximize the best rates to meet your financing needs.

Get Approved Even with No Equity on a Low Rate 100% Refinance Loan

Since we can connect you with lenders that have well over 100 mortgage options for homeowners seeking affordable refinancing, you know that you are in good hands with our lending partners. Due to secondary market conditions, the 110% 1st mortgage has been put on hold until to market conditions improve. VA mortgage refinancing has become popular with military veterans seeking 100% refinancing. FHA still allows rate and term refinancing to 96.5% and cash out options to 85%. In most cases, the FHA and VA streamline does not require a formal appraisal, so underwater consumers may still qualify for 100% refinance with no equity.

100% Refinance

VA Refinance Loans to 100%

Never before have borrowers been able to refinance their mortgages to one hundred percent with one loan in first position. The VA refinance allows veterans to refinance 100% of the existing VA mortgage and 90% if they want cash out. VA streamline refinancing does not even require an appraisal and VA rates are very low!

FHA mortgage refinancing allows borrowers to refinance any conventional mortgage to 97% and if they need money financed in the new loans, FHA will accept home refinancing to 95%. The USDA loan is a 100% mortgage that was designed for borrowers looking to refinance a home in a rural area. These government options provide several no equity mortgage refinance solutions for a wide range of borrowers.

Check with our mortgage refinancing lenders to verify you meet the eligibility requirements for a government loan. There are still over 100 home refinance options for people with no equity seeking a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Learn More About the VA Refinance Loan.

What are the Requirements to Qualify for the Streamline Refinance Mortgage?

Do you have a VA loan and want to refinance it to today's rock bottom rates? The VA has what is called the VA Streamline Refinance that can make it much easier for you to refinance your loan. Keep reading to learn more about the 100% refinance mortgage requirements.

VA Streamline Refinance Overview
VA loans are designed specifically for active military or military veterans. VA loans may be issued by any mortgage lender that is approved by the VA. All VA loans are backed by the federal government. What this means for you the borrower is that loan qualification rules are very flexible, and you can usually get a loan with 100% financing.

The VA Streamline Refinance program is available through the VA Loan Guaranty program. It is technically known as an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan or IRRRL. Generally, virtually all active duty or honorably discharged veterans are eligible to get a VA loan or a VA Streamline Refinance loan.

The streamline refinance program allows you to refinance your current interest rate to a lower rate. As of October 2019, you can often find rates under 4% if you qualify, so refinancing can save you hundreds of dollars per month in some cases.

The streamline refinance is popular because it can save you money, and also because it is easy to qualify for. In fact, once you already were approved for your original VA loan, it is very easy to move into a streamline refinance loan. Little documentation is needed. You will still need to prove that you have the income to pay the loan each month, but little is needed beyond that.

For most cases, your lender should be able to close your loan in a month or less.

Your closing costs can be rolled into the loan balance, so you may be able to refinance without any out of pocket costs. You also may request that the lender pay the closing costs, in exchange for charging you a higher interest rate.

VA Streamline Requirements for a 100% LTV Mortgage

Qualifying for this loan is pretty easy, but you do need to meet these guidelines:

  • Be current on your first mortgage with no more than one 30 day late payment in the last 12 months.
  • Your new monthly payment for the refinance loan must be lower than your current payment. The only exception is when you refinance an adjustable mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage.
  • You cannot receive any cash from the streamline refinance
  • You must show that you have been occupying the property that you are refinancing
  • You must have used your VA loan eligibility on the home that you are refinancing

Search and Compare Over 100 Different Refinance Programs

One of the many benefits of this website as gaining access to such a wide variety of refinance opportunities from the vast and diverse lending network that we connect borrowers with at no charge.

The recent sub-prime melt-down has dramatically affected home lending, but this is still a good time for high LTV home equity lending, because our underwriting departments still offer no equity products so homeowners can borrow more than their home is worth. If you presently have an adjustable rate first mortgage, we can help you combine and refinance your second mortgage together into one loan with a fixed rate amortization. Choose from 80, 90 and 100% first and second mortgage combination loans or the all in one refinance "100% mortgage". The fact is that underwriting guidelines for high LTV mortgage refinancing are expanding with more opportunities for underwater borrowers to solve their financial problems.

Useful Refinance Tips from the 100% Mortgage Experts

Both the 96.5% LTV insured by FHA and the 100% loan guaranteed by the VA are unique government programs. The FHA programs provides borrowers with options to have mortgage insurance with or without your new mortgage loan. Private mortgage insurance is now tax deductible.

Refinancing a mortgage has never been offered at such a low interest rate with options that allow you to consolidate credit card debt while tapping additional funds for making home repairs or renovation.

Ask a friendly loan officer for more details about these amazing 100% refinance loans that are helping borrowers save thousands of dollars a year. Credit score requirements range from 640-800 depending upon disposable income, debt to income ratios and job stability.

FHA continues to offer one of the most popular 100% mortgages but you must already have a lien insured by the Federal Housing Administration to be eligible. Learn More about the Pros and Cons of the FHA Streamline Refinance.

96.5%: Combine your first and second mortgages together for one low payment. - Mortgage guidelines have changed, but you can still borrow up to 96.5% of your homes' current appraised value.

  • Choose from fixed or Hybrid ARM interest rates with fixed terms for 10, 15, 30 and 40 years.
  • Lower mortgage payments with HARP Refinance
  • Refinance existing 1st or 2nd mortgage
  • Pay off revolving debt with your mortgage
  • Subordinate with 100% financing solutions
Mortgage Refinancing Lenders
Apply for a VA Loan and learn how easy refinancing to 100% can be.

Compare Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA for 100% LTV Mortgages up to $725,000

See if You Can Lower Your Payments with 95-100% Fixed Rate Loan
Loan Amount
Current Loan Payments
New 100% Mortgage Payment*
Monthly Payment Savings
* This is a sample of refinanced credit debt to and assumes interest rate for the
100 Mortgage Loan at 5% Fixed on a 30-year amortization schedule.

(APR is 5% on a rate and term VA 100% loan with no lending costs 3/1/20-10)

What are the High LTV Loan Requirements for 2020?

HARP is generally a desirable program for many homeowners because the interest rates are as low or lower than regular mortgage refinance rates. Also, regular refinance products usually require 20% equity, which put the program out of reach for many underwater homeowners.

With HARP, homeowners who have no equity or are even underwater can get the same rate as a person with equity. This is only possible because the federal government is providing strong backing of the program. Lenders have found that this is a stable and safe mortgage loan to offer borrowers.

Note that you do not need to use your original mortgage lender to do your HARP refinance. It is recommended that you do shop around because different lenders offer different rates on the same mortgage product. If you are worried about HARP closing costs, you are in luck: HARP will allow you to wrap your closing costs into the loan, with some limits.

Fannie Mae lets you roll as much as 4% of the existing loan balance in closing costs. Freddie Mac allows you to roll in as much as 4% or $5000, whichever is less. If your closing costs are higher than that, the borrower has to pay the extra amount cash.

More Information About HARP

If you are interested in different types of loans for your HARP refi, 15, 20 and 30 year fixed rate loans are available. You also can get a 5, 7 or 10 year ARM if you prefer. Remember that if you have a fixed rate mortgage, you may not refi into an ARM.

So, if you had a 10 year ARM four years ago and it is going to reset this year, you may refi your arm into a new ARM loan under HARP. But the maximum loan amount for a HARP ARM loan is 10%% of the home's present value. The current HARP program and the new HARP program coming next year are both excellent options for the homeowner who is underwater on their mortgage and wants to get a new lower rate.

Talk to several mortgage lenders about either HARP program and see what they can do for you.

Refinance with a 200% Mortgage (No LTV Minimums):Yes, with Home Affordable Refinance Program some lenders are offering loans up to 200% and beyond. Now, you can lower your monthly payments and reduce the interest rates of credit cards. If you don't want to refinance your existing mortgage, this is a great option for people looking to escape an upside-down mortgage. The 125 and 100 second mortgage products have been placed on hold at this time. Are you looking to refinance your HELOC with bad credit.

Best Reasons to Refinance a Home Mortgage to 100% & More

Individuals who take a moment to look at the current interest rates for home refinance mortgages may find that what they are currently paying is well above what the market is actually currently at. This may cause them to consider refinancing their home in a more favorable rate in order to save money or possibly pay off their loan even sooner.

But, is this really the best course of action for everyone?

Does this Mortgage Refinance Save Me Money or Offer Additional Benefits? Without a doubt, the best time to consider refinancing your home loan is when interest rates are at their lowest. For example, if your interest rate is currently at 6% and you were to refinance last spring when rates were at 3.5%, that 2.5% savings could add up to a substantial amount of money over the life of your loan. However, refinancing from a 6% loan to a 5% loan won't result in the type of savings that would actually make refinancing worthwhile.

refinancing no equity

100% LTV Mortgage & HARP Opportunities: If you have no equity or your mortgage is greater than your houses value now is a unique time to refinance because there are several aggressive programs that help underwater homeowners refinance into an incredibly low fixed rate mortgage.

Find Out Why LTV Is Not a Factor with the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Of course you must meet the eligibility requirements for the Home Affordable Refinance Program as outlined by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. FHA expanded the streamline to extend relief to struggling borrowers without equity that need more than 100% refinancing programs.

There are only a few years left before these programs expire, so discuss your situation with loan officers now. Find out what the eligibility requirements are for HARP Refinance Loans.

Shop Around to Find the Best Rates for High LTV Loans and Mortgage Refinancing: It's also important to keep in mind that refinancing and getting the best loan depends on your credit history and score. In much the same way that purchasing a house for the first time will depend on your financial situation and credit history, 100% refinancing is dependent on what shows up when a lender pulls your credit score.

Refinance Debts into an Affordable 100% Mortgage

BD Nationwide can help you find trust-worthy lenders and brokers offering many types refinance loans for homeowners from California to Maine. Our goal is to offer competitive rates for debt consolidation loans that save people money with additional opportunities for cash back.

Our residential lending commitment provides people with "out of the box" refi programs ensuring lower payments for improved 100% financing. Whether you need a streamline, cash refinance or a home loan modification, Nationwide has mortgage solutions that you can bank on

At Nationwide, we believe that you deserve an accurate quote for a no equity mortgage refinance. We pride our self in providing the best rates online based on your mortgage refinancing qualifications! Our team of professionals will help get you answers to your financial questions.

We will help figure out which home loan or refinance programs you qualify for and lend a hand in determining the interest rate. Most lenders answer the phone, quoting rates without qualifying your credit, income or evaluating your home's equity.

Get Up to Speed on the Latest Tips from Competitive Lenders

Here are 5 tips that can help you when you're looking into mortgage refinancing with no equity in your home.

  1. Make your mortgage payments on time.
  2. Discuss comparable sales with a Realtor in your area.
  3. Check your credit score regularly
  4. Discuss your HARP eligibility with a lender.
  5. Get several Good Faith Estimates from lenders that have experience refinancing high LTV mortgages.

These 5 tips may seem straightforward and simple, but they really are the keys to completing an underwater finance. If you stay current on your payments and have a solid job history, all you need to do is talk to several lenders and try to utilize HARP. It's a program that's there for a reason, and that reason is to help people like you. While it will be somewhat more difficult, it's not impossible to get a no equity mortgage refinance.


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When Should You Consider Home Refinancing?
There are several important factors when considering home refinancing. If you have the ability to save money then it's likely a wise financial decision.

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100% Refinance Testimonials

"We were rejected by several lenders and banks because we owed more on our home loan than our house was worth.  Following a friend’s advice, we turned to Nationwide who uncovered a unique opportunity with the VA streamline. They informed us that because we already had a lien guaranteed by VA, that we qualified for a refinance loan in which the underwriter waived the appraisal requirement. We were able to reduce our interest rate by over 2 percentage points and the new loan featured a fixed rate and reduced our monthly payment by over $400 a month!" - The Frazier Family

"After being denies for underwater mortgage refinancing several times we walked away from the process very discouraged. A few months later, a friend of ours on Facebook, recommended BD Nationwide because they specialized in helping people with upside-down loans. They were an approved lender for the HARP 2.0 and this led us to a genuine refinance possibility. The loan officer and processor were very helpful and successful in guiding us through the refinancing maze. We locked into a 3.5% rate and are very happy with the monthly saving from our new loan."
- The Costas Family

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